Serious talk : How do feel toward ARAM gamemode?

Hey guys, I'd like to have your thought about ARAM. I feel like people think it's a place where you can troll freely without the fear of being punish by Riot. By "trolling", I don't mean people that are trying someone unusual and really try to make it works (Like AP Graves, his W hurts a lot hahaha), but people that are losing the game on purpose (feeding, afk every minute, etc.) , or building the same item 6 times and keep them the whole game, or people that doesn't buy anything, etc... I read a lot of player saying : " I don't f*cking care about the game, it's only ARAM ". it has happened too often that the game wasn't even fun for anyone, simply because one or two players are trolling hard because you know, " It's only ARAM ". I personnally play ARAM to have fun, pratice different champions and builds, or simply try unusual build (seriously) (Like the time I did AP Graves, when all 5 of us were AD). So, how do feel about ARAM? Should it be more punishable? I just want to see what the community has to say about that. Thank you :)
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