Understanding How to play Riven

I dont know how many people face this current prolem like myself but i simply do not understand riven as a champion. i do not understand how to play her even at a basic level. She seems like a champion that i would enjoy playing and feel very rewarded for making full use of he kit but....i simply dont get it. i think my confusion mainly comes from what shes so well known for. her animation canceling kit. i watched a few videos on youtube on her and as i watched i only seems to get more and more confused as i proceeded to witness something i may never be able to do. Apparentally you auto then cancel the auto with her q then auto again and...ahh this is so confusing! i commend you riven players for doing something, in my opinion, thats so complex and make it look like childs play. i dunno maybe im not smart enough to figure it out but if anyone has any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated
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