Thoughts on Solo Carrying Games

Hello. I just felt like saying my thoughts on solo carrying games. So this game is team based of course. But apparently in past seasons, if one could get a kill or two early and get ahead, it gave such a big advantage, that your chance of winning that match would increase significantly. And in this last season specifically, it seems that a solo kill or getting ahead early doesn't contribute nearly as much as before to your advantage. I wanted to discuss why I believe this is the case. I think it has to do with the overall increased damage in the game, in addition to the removal of early defensive stats like armor/magic resist which were not compensated enough. This of course happened at the end of last year, between the seasons. Also, I think the newer champions that were released in the past year or two were stronger than normal, and contributed to this as well. They were given too many offensive abilities, or dashes, which also means that damage can be applied more quickly. These champions include Camille, Xayah/Rakan, Orrn, **Zoe**, Kai'sa, and Pyke. At this point one would think "Wait, with increased damage, doesn't it mean that the balance of certain match can switch more quickly, therefore making a solo kill that much more advantageous in winning that match?" So you would think that getting ahead by yourself will help the whole team win much more. Yes, and this makes sense. But interestingly, the exact opposite is happening. Getting ahead early doesn't give you that much of an advantage anymore. In other words, the risk is not worth it. Why is that? Well, lets go back to the idea that this game is team based. Now it would make sense why even if 1 out of 5 members of your team gets an advantage early, it doesn't increase your chances of winning too much, since the game, as said, is team based. The other 4 members have not gotten an advantage. Furthermore, one of your allies can die, and then the enemy gets an advantage, which then nullifies your advantage. But, what if you get significantly ahead, like 3 or 4 kills? Surely this should amount to something. All your hard work and skills to kill your opponent alone isn't all for nothing. But for some reason now, even getting that much of an advantage doesn't help as much as it should. I believe the main reason for this is because of how quickly the balance of a match can change from one moment to another. And this, of course, is due to you being able to die more quickly, because of the increased damage. Of course there are hundreds of factors that determine a games outcome, but I really believe that time to die is the most important one. Scarra has mentioned similar things too. Link -> Also for this reason, I believe reaction times and reflexes are more important now, because, of course, you die more quickly. Interestingly, this is also why it is more important now than before to play together with your team well. For the players, like me, who value trying to kill your opponent alone and get ahead this way, it is a lot more risky to play like this. And this is also why games are ending a bit faster than before, on average. The balance of a game changing fast means the game can end abruptly as well. Thanks for reading.

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