Sion really sucks now and he's not fun to play as anymore

I used to main Sion since season 6 and it was pretty fun to play because he was very adaptable to any build whether it be AP, AD, ADC or tanky and I'll admit Roar of the Slayer was pretty OP and undodgeable when building AP back then which im fine with the nerf of that. But the point of nerfing Roar of the slayer was so that Sion wouldn't cheese the lane with it and have Sion rely on Decimate for damage but then suddenly Riot decided to gut Sions Decimate which now does mediocre damage full charge while you got f*cking Irelia jumping all around the map just or rework Mordekiser doing way more damage with his smash without even trying that hard. So Riot nerfs Sion's AP potential which is not even worth building into, AD damage is also garbage now unless the other team is sharing a chromosome and building tanky is also not even worth it either because I still get like 20 combo by some Irelia tryhard and I barely do anything to her back. RIot please rebuff Sions Decimate it's really unfair how every other newer champ can be hilariously broken while Sion is suffering badly.
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