If you were taking a non-marksman bot lane as the 'carry' role - who would you take and why?

Considering this is the direction Riot wants to go with League, and open up lane diversity, I'm curious as to what champions you think would be good picks to take in place of an ADC Obviously late-game carry potential is important. Who would you take and why? I'll post a few: {{champion:26}} 1.) Lategame can be terrifying. 2.) Brings a crap-ton of CC to shut down the other carry. 3.) Deals a metric ton of damage 4.) Even if he gets caught, he got that ultimate! {{champion:11}} 1.) Strong lategame presence - can carry if fed. 2.) Gotta survive laning phase. With a HEAVY shield support, farming is feasible? 3.) Hard to escape from - built-in invulnerable tools!
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