fuk this game

first of all the balance is in the worst state and riot dont give a fuk about that also my last vayne game a nunu in my team trolled inting and end up with 0 kills 16 deaths and 1 asist seriously he dont get banned people said to me stop playing league for a while and start play again i actually do that still the game is shit full of feed games and my team flamed me for no reason when they dont work as a team and fuk you league comunity you like new things but you dont see if theyre really good for example quinn i main her since season 6 starts and she is so auful when enemys are staying def until 6 and buy some armor they fuk me because my q donst miss my cd skills are destroyed and i got no ulti the meta build sucks lethality sucks on quinn when they buy ninja tabi the dmg is 0 and famous players are not good or at least some of them because they are famous dosnt mean theyre good just fuk this game i will stop playing it and i cant say that i didnt have good days playing it like season 4 and 5 but nowdays those 3 last seasons the game is being fucked like hell how the fuk should i stay to this fuking unbalanced game with full of retarded new things who destroy every game go fuk your self riot i dont care if you ban me i end up with this game the only thing that maked me stay it was the chance to revert quinn rework but riot will never do that they care about money and people not to play a fair and fun game and buff champions who are already strong and nerf other destroying my favorites main champions like old fiora yeah pretty much done with this game the most of reworks are destroying the soloq and they dont even care about that. i dont fgive a fuk about win ratio of a champion
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