How to Make Lux Support Viable (Potential Idea for Riot)

Riot keeps buffing Lux which I really don't have a problem with since I think she is kind of a bad champ and don't view her as much of a threat. If Riot really wants support Lux to be viable I believe there is a lot of potential in her passive. Lux's passive is kind of bad when comparing it to other champs like {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} since their passives support their poke play style. She has to auto to proc it however since she is a ranged/poke mage getting in auto range often spells her own death or a bad trade. She might be able to use it in lane a few times but other than that you usually only use ult to proc her passive. My suggestion to improve Lux's passive is to make it function similar to Leona passive but instead ANYONE could proc her passive with an auto attack. Of course this could potentially be to strong however Riot could always make her passive deal less damage if an ally procs it opposed to herself procing it. This is just an idea and I see a lot of potential in Lux's passive as a way to make her more supportish (and just making her passive feel more useful/impactful). Please post your thoughts in the comments below on this concept or perhaps suggest another area Riot could focus on to make her support.
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