Any chance we can make fervor of battle have some sort of scaling?

I feel like one of the major issues with fervor of battle that makes it so "abusable" is the fact that it scales purely with level, allowing champions to reap its full benefits while not really having to build damage (creating the damage tank champion issue that has popped up with numerous champions and will continue to pop up for more champs in the future as people play around with the fervor mastery). Perhaps add an AD and/or AS scaling system and completely remove the scale from level portion of fervor? This should allow ADCs and melee carries that build as they were intended to to still reap the benefits of fervor of battle without allowing tanks and melee carries that build off-meta tank builds to abuse fervor. This is basically no different than what was done to kill tank fiora (better scaling, weaker base, in this case, adding scaling and removing base growth).
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