League needs MAJOR changes.

EUNE. Playing blind cause level 29. Cancer inboud from the shit that happens here. Let's get two things straight RIOT. 1. This is cancer. Pure unadulterated cancer. 2. Just because it's way past time to take action, does not mean you're freed from taking such. Two things that must happen if this game is to regain any semblence of fun for us "less privileged" regions who are forced to blind or ranked: 1. normal draft restored. No "buts". RESTORED. It's blind that needs to take a short walk of the long cliff, not draft. 2. what about 16 unique champs you say? Here's your solution. **AXE** free champ rotation. **KILL IT WITH FIRE AND EXTREME PREJUDICE** Instead each champ should have one time 7 days try-out unlock. Now you yourself decide which champs to play, when to play them and how many you'll unlock at a time. Earn some IP with them, then buy them for good or not. But the choice is yours, no more play & pray that this week free rotation has something you like. These 7 days try out champs should count to the 16 champ limit in draft. Ranked can keep it's "perm champs only" rule to enforce some more games before one dives in there. With these two changes, maybe ppl will finally get to play the mode **they like** with champss **they like**..for a change.
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