Im Defeated and Done with LoL. It's Not Fun Anymore

How this Development Team can allow this game to be in such unbalance for so long, it really shows me that maybe . . . some of these threads on the boards are right. How are: 1) Tanks doing all of my health with no damage items and only tank items. 2) Games are snowballing out of control and ending too soon. 3) AP champions still do not have their itemization readjusted and new additions. 4) Damage is still too high all around. 5) Minion creep is at an all time high of being annoying and has yet to be adjusted. 6) Towers are literally made of paper and they die too easily and quick. 7) Towers do hardly any damage to enemy champions, towers do no damage to tanks, towers do not punish bad plays being made under a turret. 8) There is really nothing unique about the new rune system when a majority of them cannot be used on your favorite champion. The new runes took away a lot of customization we had before to have virtually nothing now. I've reached a point where I am honestly done with this game for good. I always say I will leave but I have friends who always get me to come back. There is no point in playing a game anymore where it is the same season every year where the Developers wait 5 to 6 months to balance one thing and leave everything else relatively untouched. Look how long the new runes have been out now? They still cannot get it right and they are still not making changes in a timely manner. With last preseason we knew exactly what the problems were. This season everything is all over the place and nothing seems to be getting addressed. The new runes seemed to have created more problems than good. The new BE and orange essence system seemed to have created more problems than good. League of Legends is no longer fun when a player basically loses their turrets and the game before 10 minuets. The pace and rest of the game is entirely decided in the first 10 minuets of the game.
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