Why Am I Losing My Ranked Games?

The past two games I played extremely well. As, Jinx adc I came out of my lane pretty fed and was a threat. I didn't feed at all. We won teamfights and each teamfight I killed 3/5 of the enemy as our team relied on my damage to win. My teammates weren't doing that bad either. Anyway I had to stay with the majority of the enemies group (3 mid) meanwhile 2 of their team members 1 at top and 1 at bot were pushing waves. No one on our team would go to stop the split push and I had to stay mid because without me, they could easily over power my team and take it. So we would win the teamfight mid and since top and bot towers were getting destroyed, my teammates would back to stop them and we lose 1 or 2 towers while not even getting one because the wave had to be pushed. This happened for 40+ minutes and I couldn't do anything to stop it. So next game I said fuck it and went jungle VI. Early on at level 2 I kill amumu in his jungle and get double buffs. I gank the bot lane and we get 2 kills and i'm pretty fed. I rinse and repeat and botlane is pretty fed. Then I head mid and me and the midlaner kill xerath. I go top and gank trydamere kill him, me and teemo take top lane very early on. Bot lane and I take bot tower and I gank xerath again. (This all happened within the first 15 minutes). Our team seems to be very far ahead based on towers taken and map pressure gold and kills. Regardless my team keeps getting caught and picked off, after everything I do early game our team still can't seem to win. I start to try adding lane pressure seeing team fights aren't working. If teemo had pushed top and added lane pressure since hes faster and was practically useless in teamfights besides his shrooms. I could defend with the team but he refused to do it. And would say "your not challenger" even though I wasn't even commanding him. And was suggesting a plan. After attempting 2 more homeless team fights, we lost the game and he called the adc trash. I really don't understand how I can perform so well and set up the game so nicely and be so helpful towards my team and they still some how manage to screw it up. I know i'm not perfect either, no one is but it feels like it is robbery that I lost these games due to things I can't control (other peoples actions, flaming etc). I feel like I play at a higher level than my rank suggests. Edit: Just lost again :(
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