My thoughts and praises on Glacial Augment (Teemo)

This is literally the best runepage ever. I played one game just thinking that Glacial could successfully replace {{item:3022}} in his build. and it did, to great effect. I didn't miss {{item:3022}} at all. Replacing it with {{item:3742}} was really cool, because it made me feel less restricted, and it made me equally tanky while diversifying my build. Glacial Augment on {{champion:17}} really makes me feel like {{champion:17}} can be less niche, as he is free(-er?) to build a heavy MR item second now that {{item:3022}} isn't necessary. On the minor masteries of this page: Biscuits are good because Flashtraption is mediocre, IMO. {{champion:17}} does not benefit from it, as he has his W. Magical Footwear can be replaced with any of the second row of Inspiration minor runes, I just happen to like it for the kiting potential (also I don't need T2 boots should I be against an AD laner [building {{item:3742}}]). Cosmic Insight is a no-brainer because none of the last row of Inspiration minor runes are ~~good~~ for Teemo. My favorite part (from a runepage perspective) of the build is the synergy between Cheap Shot and Glacial Augment, as the former procs off the latter. This is further emphasized by Teemo's DoT, allowing it to proc a lot. Ingenious Hunter synergizes with {{item:3153}}/{{item:3144}} quite nicely. I believe this keystone is my favorite, it makes me want to play the game again (after the essence fiasco) and try it on champions like {{champion:37}} . Praise be, Riot. You did something that really enlightened my playstyle, and made me feel more than a lane-denier as {{champion:17}}.
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