OK... MF is getting too strong and i see a problem.

Dark harvest is a problem because its poorly designed because its some of the reasons why items like Feral flare got removed.~~(remember that item)~~ but Its also in line why shes was always a bit of a problem because such item like Duskblade exist. Hell, at this point, I feel like it should be removed real soon. I love playing Miss fortune and i love her skill set but when you have items and Runes like Dark harvest with Duskblade that also benefits Armor Pen _(or lethality if you want to call it that) _ a little too much. Honestly, i hope Rito can look at Dark harvest and does some small changes so that its still usable and for the love of god pls rework Duskblade again. I miss the old Mini Zed ult i had when it was released and when it got changed to true damage, i thought it was niche for an item that didn't really caused problems. And more importantly, Pls support Crit MF again. i miss that build with {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} and {{item:3094}} Speaking of which, I miss when Infinity edge gave extra crit damage that made her Q do some damage and her ultimate would just melt the entire team with it, that was such a good thing to have. and {{item:3508}} now just sucks overall. the Crit boosting its CD was cool and was such a nice feature to use with Crit based champions that really needed the mana. I really want that build back, it was more balanced then the current MF right now.
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