2019 Needs Damage Toned Down, Developers Being Held Accountable, & Work Done on Mistakes

It's 2019 and Developers spent the better half of 2018 doing the same things they have been doing for the past few years: nerfing and then reverting something they made a mistake on. For the past few years it honestly feels like the game is going nowhere and nothing is actually being improved. Instead of improving what is already amazing about the game and trying to make League of Legends a fun game for every player, we have an over complicated rune system that favors specific champions and contributes to balance issues and damage creep, the same roles being nerfed and then buffed again every preseason, some stupid little gimmick added to the game that makes it not fun to play, and champion identities being botched and changed to fit the pro player scene. We have a large group of Developers not actually listening to older players and feedback from the community as a whole, because if it doesn't align with how well it plays in the competitive scene it doesn't matter. Why is damage still not being addressed? There are many things in League of Legends that are still contributing to damage creep. There have been zero attempt at actually addressing any of these problems and damage creep continues to be a massive problem. How hard is it to tone down damage and actually remove things that care causing problems? ---------- {{summoner:14}} - Needs a nerf. {{item:3147}} - Needs to be removed from the game. There is no place for this item in LoL if you are not going to nerf this item. It's free damage on a class of champions that are already hard to catch and do enough damage. It has also contributed to many balance problems and has been nerfed a lot. Remove the item or nerf it to oblivion. - Electrocute - It's still too strong and doing way too much damage. Nerf it. - Conqueror - Needs a nerf. --------- The biggest problem I have with Developers for the past few years is the favoritism they have shown to the same champions. There are champions who are worked on every single year and get substantial kit changes and even art additions to them. We have a few champions that have gotten more reworks, VGU and art updates than problem champions these Developers know they made mistakes on. Instead of owning up to their mistakes or even working on champion that are struggling, we have a Development team that prioritizes reworks and VGU based off of what new skin line they have coming out for that champion. It really shouldn't take this Development team 2 years to give Lissandra a new passive when Lux and Ahri get their kits reworked and receive art updates almost every single year. It really shouldn't be a problem to work on a champion like Malzahar, Skarnar, Morde or Karma when these Developers have literally prioritized 7 large scale updates/VGU on Ryze when they know champions like Malzahar, Skarnar, Morde and Karma are still waiting for actual work to be done on them. We have nothing but excuses for the past couple years as to why nothing is being worked on. {{champion:43}} - Karma mains have been asking for art updates to fix a rushed visual update that has incomplete art assets, a poorly developed model, reused and rushed taunts, and no attempt to bring back her fans when it is one of the most highly requested things to return. Let's also talk about the kit that continues to be a massive problem for the past 6 years and is constantly buffed and nerfed right after. The recent attempt at actually doing some work on this champion is being very negatively received, despite Developers asking Karma mains for feedback and their opinions, nothing was implemented and excuses continue to be made. Yet again nothing is being worked on and nothing is being addressed for six years now, but there is another excuse as to why it isn't happening. The rework is still going through despite a massive dislike for the changes and just like 6 years ago, a kit with horrible functionality that is not cohesive is being shoved down our throats. Why bother asking for feedback and criticism if you are not going to make any attempt at implementing them? Karma mains understand she shouldn't get a visual update over other champions, even though it isn't fair to say her VU is actually completed. Just look at the new running animation and how it clips with her Mantle of Decorum and dress. Look at Shen's taunts and Karma's. Look at the new thematic that has nothing to do with her. Look at the splash arts that match nothing in game. The voice lines are terrible. The VU is a mess. Karma can wait for it though. What we cannot wait for is a stubborn Development team to get their act together and right some wrongs. I feel very bad for new players that never got to experience parts of old Karma because they would know how old Karma mains feel, but I do not blame them for sitting here getting upset with old Karma mains constantly bickering about this champion. It's these Developer's fault for doing literally nothing for the past 6 years and having nothing but excuses. {{champion:82}} - Morde mains are waiting for something to be done for years now. This champion has the most bugs, his model is severely outdated, his gameplay was ruined by Developers, and he is ignored every single year. Where is any attempt at making Morde better by these Developers? The feedback has been given and suggestions have been made. Where is there a single attempt at making this champion better and rectifying mistakes? There isn't. He has a pretty good thematic to work off of. They know how he played before the update that ruined him. Where is the work? It's insulting to prioritize 7 large scale reworks/VGU on Ryze and a rushed Mini VGU on Ezreal when you have a champion like Morde who can actually use the work. He is a mess to play and makes no sense. He looks terrible and still has pizza feet. Why the heck are we prioritizing work on Ryze and a popular champion like Ezreal? {{champion:72}} - It's the same as Karma and Morde: he was worked on and the work is not good. There has been zero attempt at rectifying mistakes or even making this champion better, besides an excuse as to why nothing is being done. Meanwhile we have the same champions getting the same type of work getting done on them every single year. It's 2019 and he is still sitting at an abysmal playrate. {{champion:90}} - I haven't met a single Malz main that likes the rework. Where is the revert like Developers did to Kog'Maw? Malz was a lot of fun to play before the rework and only needed minor work. Now I see no one hardly playing him. I wonder why. It's 2019 and something needs to be done. Revert him. I am throwing {{champion:62}} into the argument too. Players have been literally asking for work to be done on him. Players want a new passive indefinitely but he could honestly use the mini VGU you prioritized on Ezreal for some reason. Is this going to be another two year wait for a champion that needs something done on them like Riot Game Developers did with Lissandra? Where is the work? =============== Hold Developers accountable for their problems guys. I know people are going to downvote, flame and get mad at me. Stop complaining about the problems if you are literally not going to hold these Developers accountable. Your voices can be heard if we are all giving them. It shouldn't take this much work by us to get these Developers to actually do their jobs. These Developers are literally not even considering anything if it doesn't align with the LCS. Damage is extremely high because they want competitive games to go very fast. Champion identities are being ruined and ignored because of the LCS and how well Developers want it to function in competitive play. Developers are constantly adding new gimmicks and over complicated features that ruin the game and make damage creep even more unbearable to play against, because having something new and flashy in the game is more exciting than actually working on even one single problem in the game. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE AND MAKE THEM DO ACTUAL WORK AND NOT THE SAME WORK THEY DO EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Like holy crap . . . . ADC are constantly being nerfed, buffed, and reworked every single year. Assassins are either to overpowered or under-powered. Mages are still bland in terms of itemization and runes, but remain in a state of either being even or too powerful. Tanks are not doing their jobs but they cannot have too much power in their kits or itemization or they become unbearable to play against. Supports are either too powerful or another group of them are useless.
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