Looks like League itself needs a rework right now.

The game is so damn broken right now. Annie has infinite passive, every skill shot in the game is apparently going through people including Galio himself phasing through champions. Half of the keystones just stopped working for no reason. Even their new and fancy Death recap is broken. It sometimes shows that a random enemy and/or your teammates helped kill you and sometimes shows them dealing the most damage. This is all just the cherry on top too. I mean I don't even think an actually indie company could screw up this bad with one single patch. We should just revert this patch until riot can rework the game. Edit: Just wanted to add that it seems most bugs have been fixed. {{champion:82}} , {{champion:1}} , and {{champion:246}} have all been re-enabled, and ranked has been put back up. The death recap does not appear to be as bugged if at all compared to yesterday. Electrocute, and the other runes also seem to be working again, and too that extent skill shots are probably working as intended, at least by riot's standards anyways. Though I will note that the client is still as buggy as always.
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