Thresh is going to have the most strongest shield in the game!!!

With the changes coming to thresh in which he can now get +1 shield for every soul he collected. Then add {{item:3222}} (+15% heal and shield) and if you want {{item:3504}} (+15% heal and shield) and if you have the mastery Windspeaker's blessing (+10% heal and shield). Thresh's shield is going to be really strong. Honestly, thresh is the most all around support in the game in that he can be both tank and utility support on top of that he gets free stats from just collecting souls (Ability power, Armour, On hit magic damage, and now a shield that scales). Plz tell me you balance his base shield value because this is going to be insane. I read in a riot post the person said building both {{item:3504}} and {{item:3222}} is not beneficial as you get almost the same amount healing and shielding if build ability power. Well this is not the case with thresh!!!!

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