are these things intentional on Rek'sai? if so please tell us riot

Reksai's q caps her attack speed to 1.. Many mains like myself have reported the bug and I've even asked a rioter on reddit to look at it but no one has answers.. Is it supposed to work like this? same with spear of shojin. I know tons of mains have reported it due to how we talk about it in the discord but still nothing is done. Rek'sai only has two-three runes out of 15 that work for her and people are scared to use one of them due to the attack speed bug. Patch 7.11 you guys wanted her more like an assassin but you cap her attack speed in her now only combo and A item which could work wonders on her is unusable. She doesnt need the changes rumored to come next patch, what she needs is more qol and attention to make her feel smooth to play like other assassins do.
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