Some Thoughts On Things LOL.

Went Annie mid and went 4/0 on Akali who had no cs. Yet, she still seemed to do a fuq ton of damage almost killing me every time we traded. I don't know why that is even allowable but her damage is still high for a feast/famine champ who was famined. She gets owned in her lane and doesn't even fall off in the damage department. I think Renekton needs a nerf. If your jungler or mid doesnt gank you, Renekton's a free win top unless agaisnt Fiora. For some reason, Riot decided to buff Kayn, The 1 v 5 assassin who is happens to be an assassin/bruiser or tank depending on his form/build. He tanks more than Poppy and Sejuani and has the second or third highest base damage stats. Whether he's fed or not. He's almsot impossible to deal with since he can just move through walls whenever. Remove the healing from his kit if you're gonna buff him or reduce his ult duration. His ult beats out everything that gives a champs immunity except maybe Vlad. Is QSS supposed to just say fuq U to Morde's ult? I don't think it should I found it interesting that it happened. A GP used QSS on my friendly Morde and just got out the ult. I have mixed feelings about this. What do y'all think? Can we get a Karma nerf. She just exists in lane and deals half the ADCs health with an R Q combo. Then she has a shield that gives her mad MS making her unkillable and untouchable. Her kit is kinda overloaded. All in all, her Q does too much damage and its cooldown and mana costs is too low. She should have to choose between being a shield/utility support or poke/damage support the same way Sona or Lulu is. On another note, when are we going to bring back all honors? This new honor system is trash. I want to honor enemies that outplayed me, played well overall, or was nice. I'm tired of just honoring one of my teammates when multiple teammates deserve an honor. Why was the new honor system implemented again? Just bring back honors for everyone. P.S. While i'm at it, who's for turret buffs. Turrets don't do shit. So many champs just one shot and burst you from beyond turret range and in turret range and so many champs can just sit in your turret like it's their home and still get out like nothing happened. With damage creep steadily rising and turret diving being more common in low elo, I feel as though turret damage should increase as well. It should be more risky and rewarding for diving.
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