Is riot really earning more money than before, with this state of the game ?

I mean, there has to be a reason they're doing literally nothing to decrease the dmg in the game. Idk where they get their money from tho... I never played less league than this season and right now. I almost only play nexus blitz for the missions and at least there you know the game should be around 10-15 mins long. I still like the game and when I'm not home I get the craving to play my fav champs, but then I get home and I just can't bring myself to press the play button, because I know I'll just get into some unbalanced matchmaking and vs. some bullshit riot approved broken champ. And that's just for normals, if I ever play solo q, I know I will 90% of the time be in a spot where I'll have to hard carry or lose in a who one shots who first game. It's not fun at all and I'd like to grind like before but for my mental state, it's literally better to not play this game... but I don't see why riot is doing jack shit to improve the state of it.
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