Mother of god...

I can't remember a time when there were this many HIGHLY upvoted threads concerning the piss poor state of the game. I don't think there ever was one. I mean -- the boards have been a cesspool of ridiculous and useless complaints since its inception. We're never short of bitches and gripes around here. But god damn... normally they just appear on the boards and fall off, maybe get an upvote or two, and we all move on with our lives. But literally the entire first 2-3 pages are filled with "Wtf are you doing Riot?" "Why are you doing this Riot?" "Do you even care, Riot?" ...and that's pretty normal, but.... they have like 50+ upvotes apiece, with some approaching 300-400 upvotes. THAT isn't normal. THAT is a sign of a problem. Between the absolute clown fiesta that is TFT, the horrible balance state of SR, the removal of Twisted Treeline, the removal of the Legacy Cursor, and quite a number of other things -- it seems Riot is quite content just sitting in a corner with a handgun and just unloading magazine after magazine into their own feet these days. I'm currently having fun with TFT, just playing it for what it is -- a novelty act. Just goofin off and seeing what kind of ridiculous nonsense I can come up with (RFC has some pretty interesting interactions) But once that novelty wears off and I get bored of goofing around -- I'm not even sure what I'm gonna do with this game anymore. SR is damn near unplayable with the whole "Everyone pick squishy mages and assassins and lets do as much damage as we can, because mitigation items are useless against years and years of power creep" meta. Not to mention every new champion that comes out is just more cancer than the last. And forget playing any legacy champions. They just can't hold a candle to the newer generation of champions. Too many ducks, dips dives and dodges. Old champs have 3 basic skills and an ult. New champs have "Well this ability does this if its raining outside, but if you cast it while you hold your nose, it does these 4 extra things -- oh and if its Wednesday, it does true damage." Meanwhile Annie is like.... "uh.... I got this fireball thing. And this other fireball thing. And then I got this one fireball that kinda surrounds me in fireball armor that sorta tickles if you hit me. Oh, and a bear. There's a bear." Not to mention games are just decided by the worst player on the field. Whoever got the scrubbiest scrub loses. So yeah.... not going back to SR. Don't see myself playing TFT for more than a few more weeks..... ..... So...... what then? Am I saying what I think I'm saying? I don't wanna say that.... I love league... Is it.... .... is it over?
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