Tired of Champion Bias and overall game state

Look I am sick of champion Bias in league. I see buffs and nerfs going out to champions that just don't make any damn sense over the last few years. If my main was trash and left that way I would quit playing league of legends so I don't know how other people do it. Yet we find out if Zed mains bitch enough they will get some sort of weird buff that overall probably doesn't do anything to silence the Zed mains. Yasuo gets to keep compensation buffs for 2 weeks before he can be nerfed. Champions that have been unviable for so long and you just let them rot in favor of popular champions that can sell skins. If you fix these champs that need love they could probably pick up more popularity. The fact that you let the game have champions that have had ridiculously high play rates for such a long time is a joke. THIS IS WHAT IS MAKING LEAGUE SO BORING. I play against the same damn champs in every game cause your head is so far up your own ass you cannot see it. Make all champs viable or take champs that have been at the top for a while and bring them down a level. I remember seeing a statistic that there are an insane amount of team combinations that are possible in league of legends, but the problem is there is only 10 viable team combos because everyone plays the same broken champs every game because we want to win and hate to lose. So do something about it Riot I am tired of it. If you can buff Ahri, vayne, and other champs out of nowhere so their popularity spikes and they are in 1 of every or 3 games it makes LEAGUE in general so boring. Literally I do not have fun anymore I use to play 5-10 ranked games a day, and now I don't even play that in a week because its so damn BORING. I had almost a thousand games last season (which I started playing again in June) This season I have 16 ranked solo games. Do something please I am losing interest in this game faster than they dropped Kevin Spacey from House of Cards after the allegations.

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