can we just remove the entire jungler role from the game

I'm tired of this role being literally 50% of the game you can have a top laner go 0/8 in lane and still win the game if your jungler is at least half a brain stem worth smarter than the enemy jungler this game hasn't been about skill since season 5 when they changed everything to tanks. junglers can legit go afk farm and then try to 1v3 and hold mid and then die and give double buffs to my enemy jungler and the game is basically over. why is this game even a 5v5 anymore. remove junglers from the game and make it a S K I L L based game with 2 players in top, 2 in mid, 4 in bot. we don't need an extra person running around and inting in the game and making it the deciding factor between who wins and loses. I literally lose silver games because my jungler afk farms and falls behind. I can have 3 winning lanes and my jungler is half a brain stem short of the enemy jungler and we instantly lose. this game is a fucking joke when i cant even win in silver elo as a diamond 3 player duoing with a diamond 1 player and our jungle literally ints and afk farms games. this is worse than when adc was the deciding factor of the game. all it took was one kill in bot and your game was decided but now its basically decided in champ select by RNG with who gets the better jungler. and yes this is one of my smurf accounts because i dont want public harassment on my main (ง •̀_•́)ง
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