League needs to increase the number of chest we can earn from S's.

We have over 140 champions in the game, yet we can get at best 56 chest from champions. You can also only earn 36 keys in a year as well. These numbers are really really bad. I except at least 75 chest from playing champions well, and at least the same number of keys to match. We get it that you want to make money, but calm down Satan. At least make your system make sense. Even Gacha games make more sense than your current hextech loot system. Here are 56 chest and 36 keys. Have fun buying 20 more keys. You can buy those if you partake in our events and do every single mission, but if you want the good stuff, you HAVE to buy the pass. Speaking of the Pass, I love how I am sitting at 180 tokens, after 50+ games played. While my pass token count is at 538. Content shouldn't be heavily locked behind that stuff, it makes players that don't have money or don't have money to burn not able to get those skins. I'll buy a pass when the skin looks good. But aside from that, I don't buy those passes because they are honestly a waste. Its just a golden recolor of the skin. Somehow you turned a grindy game, into a even bigger grind fest. While almost making it pretty clown fiesta-y to play. I remember back like 3 or 4 seasons ago when you didn't have kills = 2x or 1.5x the time in game. Edit 1: Correcting my number above from 3 x 12 = 36 -> 4 x 12 = 48. You can get 48 keys in a year.
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