What is this new surrender vote box?

Okay seriously, enough is enough. What was so wrong with the old surrender feature that you had to not only increase it to maximum size, but also make it unmovable? It doesn't go away when you vote, so it just sits there blocking a huge chunk of the right of your screen, and then to make matters worse you disable moving it. I'm on a 4k monitor and the surrender box popping up effectively means that the right third of my screen is unusable. This is actually going to cause people to die. The Hud scale features do nothing to change this, even though they were working before this patch. What logic did you have behind this? If I don't want to surrender, I have every right not to do so, If I don't want to vote on incessant surrender pop ups from the tilted vayne on my team, I should be able to drag it off screen. You forcing this upon us just goes to show how disconnected Riot is from it's playerbase yet again. Also, goodjob half-assing it on the morde VFX's. /s
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