MAKE A SOCIAL PLAYLIST for the players that call a competitive playlist "normals"

When you first make a account does the "normal's" playlist say competitive or not????????? First Of all not everyone enjoys losing i understand there is people out there that just don't care of being a loser and that's ok that's you nobody can change that. A lot of us players don't like to lose for the simple reason of it being normal's everyone that is not competitive like to quickly bash on you and try to direct you to ranked like if the word competitive is none existing in their vocabulary and brain. Then proceed to call you a 12 year old and other offensive language but the min you decided to defend yourself everyone on the team and i mean EVERYONE teams up on you. Its like the community has a vendetta against the try hard's, and even if you don't start the problems you still end up being the bad guy. Riot says mute the teammate and what not but i shouldn't have to shut up when the other players don't shut up. They either tell you to go play ranked if you wanna try hard to which i say if you wanna learn a champion go play BOTS, if you cant take on 5 bots without losing you shouldn't be taking that champ to what these players call "NORMAL'S". Riot should implement a SOCIAL playlist for exactly this reason there WILL always be players that just don't want to think too hard and players that want to win every game and try hard. This social playlist would solve so many problems to the point where there would hardly be flaming involving scenarios. I understand some players flame others for no apparent reason. I admit i have a bad problem with not knowing when to just shut up and not say anything back, but that's not always the case you don't have to bite your tongue just because riot is trying to change how competitive games are played. League of Legends will never and i mean NEVER change how online games are played no matter how many people the permaban. Its impossible its like trying to change a birth defect its NOT gonna happen period, just make a social playlist for the players that don't want to play bots when it literally says competitive on what the "I don't care if lose players call normal's" i know im not the only player that feels this way. ALSO THERE IS FAR TO MANY TROLLS IN THIS GAME AND THAT SHOULD BE A REPORT OPTION. Stop catering to this specific group of people RIOT leaving the passionate ones as the bad guys. I can assure you that the players that take every game serious have more feelings and are passionate about improving in this game while you have 70% of the player base that just don't care and rather troll a players they call a try hard.
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