@Riot: give us two separate MMRs in dynamicQ, help solo players staying engaged with the game

So Riot has officially given up on soloQ. Something needs to be done about dynamicQ to keep the solo players engaged, as they are vital to dynamicQ matchmaking. As a solo player myself the games itself don't really feel different, except for a tiny portion of them. While I'd rather not play with/against 3man premades and the likes, I can deal with that. What absolutely kills the mode for me though, is that your rank is void of any meaning as long as there's that little asterisk next to it, which says "This person might have achieved this rank with help", you can't accurately judge a persons ability to play by their rank anymore. What I propose to give back meaning to your rank is having two separate MMRs, just like Dota 2 does it. Have a solo rank and have a party rank. Match people with their solo MMR if they play solo and vice versa if they play in a party. It's silly to have solo and party players ranked on the same ladder, even though team play and solo play require a different skill set, not to forget how the system is skewed in favor of premades right now. You can use all your current matchmaking systems in place and people can still play Ranked with their friends, but you keep the solo crowd from slowly drifting away from LoL into other games.
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