When will Poppy be nerfed?

http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Bay%20B (The Renekton game) Just played a game of ranked, Plat 5 with a match MMR of 1800. I played Renekton and I was against Poppy. Firstly, is Riot going to address Poppys absurd kit damage? Not only can she out-trade me early (whilst building full tank and outscaling me) but her end game damage was only 1k below my teams fed Kai Sai. You have a champ who builds full tank, whose kit is simply AF with 0 skill shots, deals shit tons of damage, can block dashes/has mobility AND can apply CC. If Riot nerfed Poppys early game she would at least have a harder time getting to her 'invincible mid-late game state', but currently she's so dominate in lane that it's free. If Riot can explain how a Full Tank Poppy is SUPPOSED to deal as much as a 11/1/10 Kai Sai, Ill understand. But the fact a full tank can deal as much as the strongest hyper carry in the game SEEMS a bit wrong, like that can't seriously be intended right?
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