Sooo, can we pretty please buff Twitch?

If anything, can you ATLEAST revert the passive back to the 3 true damage per second rather than the 2, it adds more than it sounds like and would make him more viable. Though he IS vaible hes kinda weak incomparison to other adc&#039;s right now and generally hard to play. I remeber when the twitch rework came out and i liked it but then some time after the rework you lowered his passive from 3 true damage a second for 6 seconds, stacking 6 times way down to 2 true damage a second for 6 seconds, stacking 6 times. Though the true damage reduction doesnt seem like much, you loose out on a lot of trading potential that will allow you to survive when getting bruised on. total poke DoT damage before nerf - 3damage x 6stacks x 6seconds = 108 true DoT total poke DoT damage after nerf - 2damage x 6stacks x 6seconds = 72 true DoT That quite a bit when trying to harass in lane. Now even before they nerfed it, it wasnt OP like some other DoT&#039;s we know... {{champion:63}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} and maybe coulda even used a buff?....? but pre-nerf a good tactis was to keep refreshing the DoT by aaing them once and it was a good harass tool. Now its but a cheap vehicle for E that isnt too impressive right now but tis something. I dont know who might agree with me but all i know is that he IS indeed in a slightly poor spot compared to the other adc&#039;s that should not be a problem for his time of poke/DoT harass kit. Show this dirty rat some love guys. XD <3{{champion:29}} <3 P.S.- I forgot to mention it scales but even at late game it maxes at like 288 true damage and for late game that fell off back in mid game lol
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