Stealth-based champions feel asinine in their current state.

To preface this, I was an original dirty Rengo main who sat on top of ADCs, many who had zero idea I was there, and proceeded to 2-shot them in .07 seconds due to the insane burst from 100% HP. It was fun. It was hilarious. _It was also broken as f***._ His nerfs were well-deserved. There was very little/absolutely no counterplay for any character who wasn’t a tank or didn’t have hard CC built into their kit. This brings me to my current point: stealth is currently incredibly unfun to play against. I hover between low plat and low diamond, so while I am not amazing at the game, I would like to think I am reasonably skilled with the champions I play the most. I enjoy LoL for what it is – a game involving teamwork, strategy, quick thinking, and all the while promoting proactive and reactive gameplay. It can be a challenge to carry a team to victory, whether you’re ahead or behind. Example: I’m playing Jhin. Their team’s jungler is Eve. - Vision wards don’t reveal her. - Control wards (only 1 at a time) are great for the first time you see her. However, she’ll proceed to destroy it with her team 90% of the time and loop around for a second gank, forcing me under tower for the next minute or so. I pray to god my support also realizes this (many times they don’t). - The enemy bot lane gets hyper aggressive all of a sudden? She’s probably there. Oh, she was actually trying to gank top? Doesn’t matter, because you have to 100% play on the defensive side until you have vision of her being somewhere else. This has prevented me from going ham and getting kills on overextended players. - Overextend once as anyone who isn’t a tank? Without a proper counter-gank or hard CC from your support, prepare to get destroyed. Her burst is nuts. Once she hits 6 she goes untargetable when she ults, another fun mechanic. As a result, you better believe I’m not moving past river for the majority of the lane phase unless I have vision on her elsewhere. Rengar gives you a nice indicator when he’s relatively nearby using his ultimate. Even if you can’t see him, unless he’s fed, you won’t get instantly blown up without being able to prepare for it. Another scenario: Level 2 Twitch ganks. They’re very good, as I’ve gotten plenty of kills and seen plenty of bot/top lanes lose to such. Shaco is another champion who excels at this. I am much better than I used to be (although certainly not perfect) at playing very, VERY carefully around stealth-based champions when they’re on the enemy team. Other teammates, however, don’t give them the threat level they’re due. What ways can we counter them? TL;DR – Most stealth-based champions feel unfair/unfun to play against. They require you to play hyper-defensive for the entire lane phase (and the rest of the match if they get whatsoever ahead) while providing unmatched global pressure due to their unknown location and ward-ignoring kits, all while having little itemization options/gameplay options to outplay or play against them. Thoughts?
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