Suggestion to players improve their level of understanding and knowledge of the game (LIMBO)

As i notice in my last games most of the players don't know how to end games and keep doing the same mistakes over and over again. Most of this is because everyone thinks "i can win this solo" or "i dont care about my team i just wanna play my game". Anyway this could be a way to win a game but if you really know what you are doing and how you can really finish the game. To achieve that you need some knowledge of the game and you can't reach it without watching some streams, reading or etc. And when most of the LOL community spends more time playing the game then getting this kind of knowledge i had a suggestion. The ideia i had it's to create a level between level 30 and ranked. I call it "LIMBO". So this level would be created so players can get the necessary knowledge of every single role (Top, Jungle, Mid, Masksman, Support), with a lot of tutorials so they learn: how to farm; how to push the waves; how to rotate; how to ward and get the proper vision and etc. And after you reach some amount of games, levels or experience in every single lane you could pass and start playing rankeds and other stuff. Basically i think this would improve the level of understanding of the game, reduce the amount of flame, trolling or other stuff. Or because they only care about them selfs or don´t communicate properly or don't knowing how to end a game or get back into the game when you are losing. Most of the players assume the amount of time they spend mastering a champion gives them the proper knowledge to win games just for that. And don't realise this game is much more complex than thats diferente variables you should know. This would make to every single players to be on the "same stage" and with the "same" kind of perception and game reading. And this can be used if you realise that some people need to get some kind of punishment for their actions in game. Sorry for my english. Unfortunatly i don't talk that often. Anyway if need will try to explain whatever is not clear. Nice day to all of you, and best of luck in your games!
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