Annoying New Corki Package Notification

As of 9.13, when The Package becomes available, a huge banner displays in the middle of your screen telling you to return to base to get it. Who the hell approved this? How much babying do you think players need? There's already a lingering "quest" marker on the right side, a noise that's played when the cooldown is finished, and indicators on the minimap displaying the Package location. This was already far more than enough to let the player know that their Big Important Cooldown is ready. So why oh why would you add something that obscures your vision of what's happening in lane? I literally want this hotfixed out, especially given that there's no way to disable it. The only people this helps out are those who are *very* new to the champion, and it sets a really bad precedent if detrimental "guides" are added that can't be disabled by experienced players who don't need them. Alright, I've said enough. Get rid of this useless addition ASAP please.

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