To Everyone saying League is Dying

All I have to say is it comes of to the silent _majority_ as whining. Every time a rework or update comes out that someone disagrees with it's instantly "this game is dying" or maybe it's just dying to you because you're frustrated your favorite champion got hit with a nerf or a rework or an item change happened that made a few champions too strong. This has been repeated dozens of times, just look Yes, your champion got reworked and you don't like it. Yes, some changes aren't good. Yes streamers quit. **Not a single thing you say is either new or true.** This game has allegedly been dying for several years now, if you're going to quit then just quit this "dying game". Everything you have posted or agreed with isn't relevant to 2018, nor will it be next year, nor was it last year. I've seen quite a few times that "this game is in its WoW" stage where it just plateaus for a bit and declines, but WoW, and League apparently, have been in this stage for how many years? I'm not denying there are problems with this game. The matches are too short, sometimes half of the length the estimated time the game says (30-45 minutes when most can end at 20). ADCs are in a really strong spot right now, again nothing new to this season evident from previous posts on the board. My point is saying this game is dying is just somewhat of a joke at this point. All it tends to be is anecdotal evidence since Riot has not released player numbers. ~~Can't wait to get downvoted to oblivion ~~ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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