Riot can we just get a complete rework to some On-Hit items?

>##_Items I am talking about_ {{item:3085}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3091}} >##_The overall main issues_ * All On-Hit items offer the same thing, and there's limited to none diversity options (Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit). * Most On-Hit champions usually have a specific type of damage or benefit more from one specific type of damage, either Physical (Kalista, Ashe) or Magical (Teemo, Kog'Maw) but in some cases some have a bit of both (Varus and now Kai'Sa). And itemization for some of these champions is quite bad is they want to build On-Hit items, due to all of them offering just bonus Magic Damage or favoring it more. * Since none of the On-Hit items offer any proper bonus Physical Damage On-Hit (besides Runaan's Hurricane, which isn't fully an On-Hit item since it's more Crit based now) and most stats offer more Ability Power than Attack Damage, this will make the Armor Penetration on the new Guinsoo's Rageblade somewhat pointless. While the direction of Hybrid Penetration is quite interesting, I feel like if that's what Riot wants to go with, there needs to be a rework in the bonuses you get from On-Hit items because the On-Hit playstyle always proved to be somewhat weak on most champions when in comparison of Critical Strike which has been always dominant. >##_On-Hit Item Issues_ {{item:3085}} _Runaan's Hurricane:_ This item started off as an On-Hit item, that later got reworked into a Critical Strike item because there was a low amount to almost none who apparently purchased this item's previous iteration. * The only item that offers the bonus Physical Damage On-Hit, and the Passive bolt damage scales with 40% of your AD making the item synergy with other On-Hit items somewhat bad, causing it only to be used as a way to apply extra Stacks from champion abilities (Varus W, Kai'Sa Passive, Kalista E, Ashe Passive). {{item:3124}} _Guinsoo's Rageblade:_ This item started as a Mixed Damage item, with elements of Tiamat attached to it. Then it got reworked into an On-Hit item, and ever since it has been like a core element (similar to IE with Crit) to all On-Hit builds. The issues were/are: * This item is a balance tragedy * There's no real clear direction or purpose that this item is suppose to have (due to how strong the Phantom Hit effect is on it's own) * It's been reworked too many times and each rework has proved to be unsuccessful {{item:3115}} _Nashor's Tooth:_ More of an On-Hit item for Magic Damage based champions, but... * For others this item is not so great due to the Passive needing a lot of AP to be effective. * The general stats of this item aren't great (Cooldown Reduction: Not something that some champions make use of effectively). * The item on it's own feels useless on most champions. {{item:3091}} _Wit's End:_ This is one of the only On-Hit items that I think is quite okay. * It has a clear purpose; steal Magic Resistance to increase your bonus Magic Damage from basic attacks. >##_Suggestions_ {{item:3085}} _Runaan's Hurricane_ * Revert the item, and work on how the Passive works and what the Bolt damage scales with. {{item:3115}} _Nashor's Tooth_ * Baron Nashor's damage is actually Physical not Magical, meaning that this item should be focused on the Physical Damage aspect, but maybe having the Passive Damage be more like this [UNIQUE: +X Bonus Magic Damage On-Hit (+30% AD) ] or even making it scale with Attack Speed somehow. >##_What do you all think?_
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