Is it just me or are adc egos just really big...

Like okay disclaimer : NOT ALL ADCS. Because i know there will be those "im an adc main and im not like that" However it has become more and more apparent that adcs lose their temper the quickest. My last game i played syndra support (I legit carried him in lane by bullying vayne out) Non stop flamed after i took 3 cs with q by accident (Post laning phase by the way) Then proceeded to full mute all, call me a bunch of slurs and then trolled that game. It happens so frequently like, this is why i hated when t1 was popular because its giving fuel to toxic adcs. Even though i think t1 has calmed down a lot more now, thank goodness for that but seriously. Chill out. Another disclaimer: Other lanes are toxic too, however it is mostly seen bot from my perspective (Coming from someone who plays mid jg and support)
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