Im going on huge win streaks into huge loss streaks into huge win streaks, etc

I cant get normal fair games. I have to get 8 stomps in a row followed by 9 impossible matches in a row followed by another 11 stomps and another 11 impossible matches and it keeps going. This isnt fun. I dont enjoy having my games decided for me. I want to COMPETE with the other team. i want to have an impact on the game. I want to make a clutch baron steal that turns the game around, i want to hit my combo on 3 enemies as lux and blow them all up, i want to interrupt the enemy jax and riven from jumping on my adc as janna or nami, i want to win a teamfight for my team by hitting a sona ult on the entire enemy team, i want to make strategic plays like sieging an inhib with my team so we can set up for baron. I queued for a league of legends game so i could have fun, not have losses and wins handed to me at the mercy of matchmaking.
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