Why the nerfs suggested will break not only solo lane pyke but also support

So... Let's start with the elephant in the room the suggested changes to his kit. His Q the suggested changes are taking his overall output damage down, by removing the extra 15% damage when he stabs there is now no reason to ever use it like that, because if the pull and stab deal the same damage and the same slow it would be more beneficial to pull the enemy as it will through the enemy over the shoulder and put them in a place to get attacked better. Sure you could say that the stab could still be useful in team fights as to not screw over your team. But they are also removing the aoe of the stab, so in team fights the damage of it is essentially cut down a third of the damage it could do as it can only target one person. With the aoe gone it also makes the ability to help your adc farm be nothing as it would just be better to auto attack the minions. Next the W Currently with how his W is he gets 40% movement speed + (1.5% per 1 Lethality). With this seven as Pyke support you usually build Ghost blade and Dusk blade which as a combined lethality of 29 which gives him an extra 43% movement speed, for a total of 83% movement speed. The suggested changes has it starting out at 40% scaling up to 60% movement speed as you level it up. Now looking at this may not seem to bed however it makes him a much harder to roam as a support, and being an assassin support that is one of his key traits. Because most supports barley make it to level 14/15 in a normal game. So to even have a chance to roam and apply pressure he would have to max his W first which would be detrimental to his damage output over all. Finally the E It can only damage Champions, this is a huge nerf to him, as the amount to damage to minions that is being taken away is to much. He will never be able to help his ADC push the minion wave into the tower. As the only damage he can do to minions is through his auto attacks and single target damage from his Q. But even worse, he is essentially useless when trying to help take dragon, the damage output for monsters is autos and his Q that is it. So with this in mind, It definitely makes it so his solo lanes are non-playable. But as a support it breaks him also, as there is no real ability to max, before you would max either Q or E, depending on what you would need to do, with that you would be able to roam and help out mid and be back into lane. Now it looks like if you want to be able to roam you would need to max W but then it makes his damage go down significantly and at that point he can run into lane but then what. Nothing he zooms in and deals minimal damage to the champion Then he gets killed, as he can not take things to give him health, but maybe he is able to get his ult off. That is now the only good part of his kit, as the damage done by it is a low health execute. Now with this in mind, i understand that solo lane Pyke should be changed as the win rate of him is a bit much. Now please note that out playing a Pyke can be done, with having a root/dash/stun/revive/status for the late game. Even in the early game of one can be aggressive enough one can lock out Pyke. But still the nerfs for pyke should be this, make his interactions with tiamat not able to be built. Like how Cassiopeia can not build boots. with this his ability to clear lane would be close to impossible as he really opens up once he gets a tiamat for wave clear. Or Increase the reduced aoe damage dealt to minions of is Q from 30% to anything higher, this will still have him a good amount to ability to help the ADC farm but makes it so that in solo lanes it is very very hard to arm with it. KEEP HIS W the same, there is nothing wrong with it. As Pyke has to build lethality it makes since to have it scale with it. Finally make it so that the E deals reduced damage to non-champions, same as said before he would be able to help his adc farm and screw over his ability to farm in solo lane. While being able to use it to help secure dragon. That is all, I think people are now being able to counter Pyke as his win rate has been decreasing over the past few days. Now if riot really wants to make sure he is still playable in support they need to reevaluate what they are going to do to him as what they are currently suggesting is going to make him unplayable anywhere.{{champion:555}}
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