ADCs with Massive Up Front Burst or All In should basically never exist

Not without meaningful trade offs. ADC main here. And before people meme "but lel all adcs have massive up front burst" no they don't. Not inherently in their kits anyway. So I've been finding myself more and more banning champions that aren't necessarily "op" but really annoying and frustrating to deal with. These champs I cycle through are {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} and to a noticeably lesser extent {{champion:498}} I couldn't really figure out why I hated these champs. Vayne and Trist both have relatively weak lane phases that are easy to abuse. So why do I despise them? Well Vayne I realized it wasn't her raw sustained DPS, it wasn't the stealth or outplay potential. If anything thats why Vayne is cool. It is that Riot basically said "we are nerfing the Q's ability to crit so Vayne isn't bursting squishies" but here I am every time I'm against a Vayne and once she gets her IE/Shiv half my life is gone in a single auto. the 2nd auto does do nearly as much damage and then the 3rd one procs silver bolts AND press the attack and i explode again. An ADC regardless of Range, mobility, etc. should never ever be able to have intense raw sustained damage AND up front burst. It's too much of the best of both worlds imo. Some mages I suppose its ok to have some good up front burst like Cassio/Azir because their sustained damage is not as reliable as adcs. A champion who's class is the best at raw dps shouldn't also have burst damage. And it's not just an issue with Vayne's kit. It runs deeper than that. Because Tristana can also burst you from full health with her All in. Press The Attack may be overtuned but even with nerfs these two champs can still 100 to 0 you super quickly (hell trist can do it with just a BF sword a tiny bit of damage from her support). Press The Attack is poorly designed. I'll say it. Its a cool idea in theory, but its literally what every ADC would want with no downsides and nothing a bruiser would ever meaningfully want compared to old Fervor. Bringing back old Fervor Gates ADCS an inability to burst or expose someone. Maybe the infinitely stacking AD was broken, sure, but this is more broken and THAT is saying something. {{item:3087}} is way overtuned for a class that primarily shouldn't have access to burst. The ability to combine it with RFC also means they can burst you from even SAFER range effectively giving the best DPS class in the game mage like poke occasionally on certain champs. (read: cait/trist/etc.) The problem with Shiv is that no one bought it when it didnt give burst damage. It sucked dick. Sure it wave cleared, but Hurricane does that too and offered a lot more if Shiv didn't have burst. So how do u fix this if you can't just nerf its damage? I suggest to combine {{item:3094}} and {{item:3087}} into ONE item. Remove the ability of Shiv to crit except on minions and lower its base damage to something similar of that to RFC. Basically allow Shiv to wave clear still, but lose its up front burst and also have the long range proc. Its a one stop shop now that gives an ADC more utility for wave clear/sieging but doesn't give them access to the one thing their class SHOULD lack. (burst) Beyond that I really hope Vayne gets another look at making her healthier in design overall. She still suffers from a dreadful lane phase while scaling way too intensely vs all targets. Her niche is supposed to be a tank shredder, but she's an everyone shredder, but she's shit range and has no defense tools in lane. I personally would like to see some scaling removed on her Q and power shifted more into making her the mobile high dps adc she is supposed to be. I never feel bad if a Vayne is tumbling all over the place outplaying me and condemning me. I Feel bad when she blows me up in 3 autos before I can even get a chance to fight back. As for Trist I think nerfing the E damage again is gonna be the way to go because that champ should not have as much burst as she does. Either that or please look at the 300 fucking rank 1 base damage of her ultimate. Perhaps give it significantly lower base damage but give it an AD ratio. I know its base damage was kept high to appease old ap trist players, but no one plays ap trist anymore because its garbage now. Hell if you nerf Trist's E and/or R up front burst you can probably compensate her by giving her better attack speed scaling which she lacks right now. But ultimately I feel Press The Attack nerfs can't come soon enough (yes I know they are coming) and I really hope someone on the balance team at least considers that burst damage should be less or not accessible at all to the best dps class in the game.
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