After playing new mordekaiser gonna say he's broken

His numbers are too high. his q and e burst is too fast and low cooldown for how much damage it does and how easily your able to do it. (you can do basically an entire mages burst with just 2 spells near instantly) actually thought mordekaiser e would be easily dodgeable but im surprised at how hard it is to dodge. (the claws are too fast) also his deaths realm is too low cd for how powerful it is.(many people were thinking it'd have a 5 minute cd or so but turns out its a 2 minute cd starting to 1 minute cd at rank3 with 40%cdr) and his passive is just too strong numbers wise. mordekaiser might soon have the single strongest passive in the game very soon right next to darius and tryndamere passives. the amount of percent damage and bonus damage it does is mind boogling. most people just die to new mordes q e and aa bashing long before he even gets his passive off. its basically release rengar all over again. he will go solo multiple people alone early game and late game he's just as strong. and mordes 40% ap per aa might be abit too high atm. i know his attack speeds really low so he can't abuse it as much as say an actual onhit champ but having high damage abilities plus strong onhit is not a good recipe for a balanced champion. and again i want to iterate his passive is simply too strong. with rylas and liandries and maybe a morellos added in it becomes insane. never seen such a strong passive.(it should be every 5 hits/spell instead of 3) it is honestly so powerful. and the fact it procs on dragon and other objectives is ridiculous.(could you imagine darius passive proccing from dragon/baron? thats basically new mordes passive) makes mordekaiser able to easily solo them by himself without effort. and his e magic pen is pretty strong but thats fine as he's a melee ap juggernaut. its just not fine due to the reliability of his q and e. his w shielding and healing is fine so far. overall he's on the really strong side. nothing like yuumi. will definetly get nerfed on release. probably hotfixed.
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