Opinion about Yorick changes from a main. Im not sure about this...

So weeks ago Riot stated that they were preparing some "minibuffs" to Yorick. They said it was not the big thing, so i though "oh, cool they probably will fix his laning phase after those stupid ghoul early level nerfs". But no. I was very surprised so see they actually made some kind of minirework on the champion in the PBE. 3 abilities are affected and ill say what i think about those changes. The ult changes have been very controversial between Yorick mains. https://imgur.com/c9W4peR First of all this ghoul changes. Im a bit confused about them. By one side, this changes are actually cool. Less gold for killing them, you can raise graves earlier AND they can FINALLY afk push. Ive been requesting this fearture to be fixed for ages, more after this preseason where minions got buffed and the ghouls just got outdated completely in that sense. However i think they forgot the important thinks. Their early level damage is untouched so you will still be abused even by champs that you are supposed to counter like {{champion:17}} or {{champion:31}} because ghouls damage output is so low that you just cant win to them. Also some interactions should be removed, do you know that {{champion:157}} E and {{champion:39}} Q can kill the ghouls in one single hit, and in irelias case heal her and give stacks? its nonsense that they can get your pets working aganist you. I could also talk about the healing bug of {{champion:82}} that makes him 100% unkillable in the matchup but i guess hes just rework listed so lets ignore that. The point is, Yorick is a 1v1 based juggernaut that relatively takes a lot of time to prepare his engage in laning phase. If he does his combo correctly, wich demands preparation, 2 skillshots and make sure the enemy has no jump escapes from the wall, he should be in an advantage situation. How its explained he is outraded at that melee range with 4 ghouls by champions that are not even melee or humiliate him in mobility??? But well, lets go on. This is not even the big deal. Thats in the ult changes. https://imgur.com/CPE61W1 So now the E has more slow in late levels. They tried to push this years ago but never went to live game (it was up to 70% slow that time tho). I dont think this buff is really necesary. Yorick is a juggernaut. He is a champion with low and puntual mobility and cc that is supposed to smash you in the correct situation. Until what point the changes in mobility in this game push this type of cc buffs? ill not say a lot about this. And now the polemic thing. Hail to the new maiden of mist (Hermenegilda for friends). https://imgur.com/4AoW9nL So lets go in order. First the CD. I do agree that 160 seconds at level one was too much. Yorick is a mana champion so its nonsense that non-resource champs like {{champion:23}} or {{champion:58}} had much less cd while their ults are not what we could call weak abilities. Im fine with the CD change. lets go on. The HP changes are meant to nerf attack speed Yorick and benefic tanky (juggernaut) build. Wait, attack speed yorick? wtf man? well, keep reading... Now this 2 are the most controversial changes. first: now maiden ALWAYS follows Yorick and no longer go on her own on a lane, doesnt matter the situation she is summoned or what area of the map she is crossing. Until now, summoning her in a lane or crossing a lane and letting her hit enemy minions got her into "push and int to tower" mode. You could get her out of this mode by some tricks, but it was a weird way to nerf the champion. Now, in the moment you summon her whe will have an indicator in the ability bar of 60 seconds (you can end it instantly by reactivating). When that time runs out she will just go to the nearest lane and int as always, being impossible to get her into "follow me" mode again (but she will turn to help you in a battle if shes near). This is specially stupid cause sometimes she just goes to the tower from the behind, so she literally ints without even pushing with minions (lol). This change has been told as "noob oriented" by various Yorick players. If you ask my opinion, i do NOT disagree with this change. Yoricks ult has always been in a dead space between well design and mess. This is a try to make her more consistent. The change i have problems with is the last one listed. As you read, the mark passive no longer has CD. For those who dont know about this passive cause Yorick is as used in this game as Hamon by Joestar family after joseph, until now when maiden hits an enemy she marks him with an aura. Yorick autos, Q or E aganist that enemy takes a portion of his max Hp as magic damage with 2 secs CD per tick. That CD is no longer there. Yep, thats it. Build {{item:3124}} and more attack speed and you are basically a pocket bastard child of {{champion:102}} and {{champion:11}} killing ancestral dragon in a few instants (and anyone stupid enough to get at melee range). Oh and try {{item:3135}} and {{item:3020}} along with {{item:3124}} and the rune **hail of blades** aganist a dummy in practice mode. Its so... funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HPvzF05Qp0&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weX6R7BGzVw&feature=youtu.be And honestly this is the change that is wrong for me. You know what could be nice? giving a different 2secs cd to autoattacks, Q and E, so a good yorick can go and with maiden hit auto-Q-E so he deals 30% of enemy´s max hp as magic in an instant, and be able to repeat in 2 seconds (but e is in cd so you would only auto+q). As its designed in pbe, you can go for someone, hit auto+{{item:3748}} +Q+E and get 40% of max hp as magic along with the damage of the own abilities, the ghouls and maiden´s autos. I see it too broken as design, not to mention how many people will try this with attack speed. As i said before Yorick is a 1v1 based juggernaut. Its pure logic he is strong in 1v1, specially in late game. And maybe he lacked some strenght until now, specially if you didnt build {{item:3812}} . And this change makes {{item:3748}} more usefull with him (appears in recommended since a lot of time but people still not building it). Also we could talk about why {{item:3512}} even appears as recommended item. No one gets that item when you get how the champion works. It was usefull in the release when Yorick had no afkpush by himself and the item worked different, now is a nonsense. its just _MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA_. So this is my opinion. If this changes gets updated ill talk about it in an edit on this post. Also want to ask you a question. Understading what Yorick is, what do you think about the E´s slow buff and the maiden changes? does that mark buff look good for you? Or you would just buff the ghouls like i say? lemme know. Thx for reading.
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