Riot, can you please give 2 new health ping for kled and skaarl and 1 for passive please?

During top lane i've had junglers or mid laners gank for me at the worst time no matter the kda when skaarl is gone and allies don't realise that kled loses alot of movespeed, he also has the lowest hp in the game without skaarl and if his hp is below 300 he takes the risk of getting executed or shut down execution. Example the ping can be "Kled 378hp, Skaarl 0hp." Personally I don't find the percentage useful. I can also put an extra mention for Mana especially for champions with high mana cost like twitch, taric, teemo it would be great if all champions when pinging their abilities but don't have the mana for them they can mention the mana cost. In some team fights people don't seem to realise that Kled's passive to regain skaarl is on CD and there is no way to ping his passive at all which all of these has led to people overextending team fights that there is now a point that they can kill him and his team mates either the enemy player just respawned and is able to easily kill them. Then I get the infamous "?" ping because people don't know that kled can't regain his lizard for 30 seconds where most of the abilities are available. I can't really blame them for that because Kled is an unpopular champion that gets ignored by Riot (except for that new skin coming out as of the date of this thread.) because of this other people don't really know his weaknesses. This can also lead to enemy players getting frustrated when they get dominated by Kled because they didn't pay attention to his courage gauge. People who have complained the most about this are Urgot mains when he 2nd cast ult kled who is in the middle of regaining his lizard only to not execute either of them, kled gets pulled in for another kill on urgot. Alot of people generally never pay attention to allies/enemies hp/mana/rage/courage/energy which can be a problem if that person just goes in blind like this. It would be great if Riot can add a tip message at the start to Kled's team of each game saying "Be careful when Kled get's dismounted he loses alot of his abilities and movespeed. So think before you gank for him." Please update the ping and team understanding for kled's teammates. You need to take into consideration of informing people of a complex champion's mechanics with tips at the start of the game and update the ping system. Now before any of you smart asses respond with "Why don't you just play easy or popular champions that everyone knows?" It's because most of the time I like playing hard champions, I love Kled's f'd up personality of attack first and ask questions never, I'm always baited to playing goofy characters in any multiplayer game just for a laugh and to see people underestimate my picks and lastly I don't want to get associated with common mains like yasuo, darius, vayne, etc. I'm not against playing as them sometimes I do enjoy playing as them but they get a bad reputation which I don't want at all XD. Thank you for reading guys and I hope the ping feature gets update and riot takes this system more seriously for giving information to team mates alot faster and easier to understand since league is actually a easy moba to pick up and play but there are some points that need to be explained in the middle of gameplay.

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