*Ranked Lobby* "It's my first time playing _______"

I don't really understand how things like this are even possible at this point. its been how many years riot? You guys have mastery implemented, but you still don't have a fucking threshold/minimum level to use a champ in ranked play? The worst thing about the game, is how easy it is for 1 to 2 idiots to completely throw and ruin a competitive match. But realistically fuck all has been done to improve this. What would be the big fucking deal to have a mastery limit on champs you can play in ranked? What would be so fucking horrible to require someone be AT LEAST level fucking 2 on a champion before they're allowed to potentially throw a game for 4 other people? There are so many problems that are solvable with the systems already in place, but i think all these fat chicks working at riot are too busy stuffing del taco, in and out burger, and whatever else cali fast food they live for down their gullets. Can you please just take 5 minutes to use those college degrees they required you to have and use your fucking brains to brainstorm some of these obvious solutions that your fanbase are constantly suggesting on the forums? Christ on a fucking cross last point - you guys hot fixed leblanc in 30 mins when she came out Yasuo needs another month to get nerfed? After hes been out this long? Lee Sin finally getting noticed? That letter that Ryze and Tryndamere wrote the other day is totall fucking bullshit - they say their focus isnt about the bottom line (money) but the fact you guys let these champs run op because youre making a buck off of them is just a slap in the face with them saying the opposite in some bs "heartfelt" letter. Camille is already broken, but shell be Yasuo 2.0. calling it now. Wont even be touched with a nerf bat until noone is buying her or her skins at (X) rate.
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