Predator Change

I feel like there are a few runes that could still use some adjusting here and there to make them more accessible to multiple champions/champion types. Predator is the one i'v thought the most about but Hail of Blade's is another one, not mention that the Sorcery tree is pretty lackluster as well but as it stands if you go into Domination your going Dark Harvest or Electrocute 90% of the time on 99% of champions so why not change it a bit? Predator Chanel for 1.5 seconds out of combat to gain 35% increased movement speed for 10 seconds. Damaging an enemy champion while the effect is active will deal (Same damage as Live Predator) and Mark that champion for 5 seconds. Continuing to chase after a champion that is Marked will maintain the Movement Speed effect unless you attack another champion, or the mark goes away. Mark- Champions marked by predator have True Sight applied on them for 5 seconds. I think this would be really nice, it doesn't stop it's current user(Hecarim primarily) from using it and makes it a nice option for Assassins and Fighter's that have trouble chasing down highly mobile champions. I'd totally take this version of it as Evelynn when i'm against highly mobile team's. The problem with Current Predator for me is that it's not as good as Electrocute is because it deals the same damage, has nearly three times the cooldown and only grants bonus movement speed to compensate for it's high cooldown, i feel like that's why no one wants it. I had ideas for Hail of Blades as well because the only champions that use it, use it because it has a weird interaction within their kit, i think that it has a place but needs changes as well but i haven't had enough experience using it myself to see what would change it for the better.
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