Jungle still the most important role

Who cares if their XP got nerfed slightly when they still 1 shot you within the duration of their CC? Oh no man, look, Evelynn is now unplayable when she hits lv6 30 seconds later than she normally would, oh noooo big time nerf boys Meanwhile she still 1 shots you form stealth and then teleports away while 1 shotting you so you have absolutely no chance to fight back, wow, amazing design lol! Easiest champion in the jungle by far and still has such power over the outcome of the game ... Crazy. And let's not get started with other champs like Kha Zix, Rengar, Graves etc etc who just dumpster you while being 3 levels lower and with red smite. Crazy, jungle is as OP as ever, nothing changed, in fact, they are given even more agency through Dragon control Let's face it - it's the jungler who controls dragon, not his teammates, it's the jungler who decides when to get that dragon. They need to put something similar in the top lane alcove so that me and my enemy top laner can duke it out for it. But we all know that won't happen. Guess we'll have to wait another long year before they nerf this overpowered, frustrating role that only sociopaths main anyway. Tired of getting ganked by full HP junglers, what they need to do is make jungle so hard only a few champs can both gank + farm jungle, rest need to pick one of those -Remove stupid healing plants -Remove stupid smite healing -Remove stupid red buff HP regen -Make jungle harder to clear Boom, finally game is playable for people who aren't playing jungle.

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