How to not get camped, by a Jungler

Often I see people complain about how much they were camped(aka getting ganked once or twice lul). So I thought I would spread a simple message. Whether it be because you have no wave control and let them get 15 minions under your tower making you easy to dive. Or because you are pushed to the enemy turret with no wards up. #Junglers will always gank lanes that are easy to gank If you are getting 'camped'. Then you are making yourself easy to kill. Junglers are assholes that like taking candy from babies. We don't like challenges, we like free gold. If you are getting repeatedly ganked, it's because you are making yourself enticing to gank. Three basic tips, though there is a lot more complicated stuff to consider. 1: Don't extend, push or play aggressive if your laner is capable of killing you or otherwise you don't directly know the whereabouts of the enemy jungler and roaming laners. 2: Learn to ward. 3: Don't let yourself be under your own tower with more than a couple minions. If the enemy is pushing into you power clear enough minions to keep yourself hard to dive. If you see a potential dive inc by the wards you hopefully placed, ping for help, CLEAR MINIONS and have an escape plan in mind. These three are very basic tips, there are more complicated things you can learn on your own. Just keep in mind, us junglers are assholes, we want easy kills. #Stop making yourself easy to gank and we won't camp you
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