Numbers don't lie: Ahri is a broken champion

I'm ready to get downvoted by Ahri mains into oblivion There is a clear inverse relationship between playrate and win rate. That is to say, the more a champion is played, the lower their overall win rate becomes. This can be due to factors like less experience, less effective builds, inefficient itemization, wrong masteries, and so on.... Basically the more a champion is played there are expected to be those with less experience who typically win less. Of course Ahri mains will argue and whine for days about how their waifu is the hardest, most challenging, and underpowered mid in the game. We will hear them whine for days about Syndra, Talon, Zed, or Leblanc.... Talking about how X needs nerfs or how Y is so broken... I'm speaking here for a purely objective point of view, in that numbers in themselves never lie. Ahri is the only champion in the game to maintain an absurdly high win rate of 54% despite being the most played mid in the game at all elos. And unlike champions like Talon, Zed, or Leblanc, her win rate doesn't still stays above 50% even after games have gone on for 40+ minutes. Her win rate is even higher during shorter games where these other assassins and combo mages are supposed to shine, and yet her win rate is still higher than theirs is for the given game duration. Ahri mains please downvote this thread I really don't care. The numbers speak for themselves and you can't argue with actual game data.
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