Where do stats come from?

I was just playing a game, as Varus, and I was kind of hoping someone could help me out here. Where do stats come from? Like, I played against a Galio, Jax, and a Mundo. I was varus, with press the attack, rageblade, bork, and Last whisper. But, I tried to kill them, while they were in my ulti, cause I had waited until they used their abilities so I could walk up to fight them (I read somewhere thats how you're supposed to play the game) But, when I did, I didn't do any damage to them. They had 3000, 2600, and 4200 Health respectively with 3 items. I only had 1600 health. It didn't matter though, cause I think I wasn't paying attention. Galio cast his Q, and missed, and when it was no longer blocking me from positioning somewhere to do damage, I walked up, but I think maybe I blacked out and lost some time because in the time it took me to cast my ulti, and auto twice, it was back up. I should learn Galio, I always like high skill expression champions with flashy kits and decision making. Obviously a champion who can do 1100 Damage with a single ability the size of 4 champions and with more range than any marksman, must have some really deep and complex learning curve to it to balance it out. Would be fun imo. But yeah, so the fight kept going, and the Jax Qd me, then Wd me, and even though he had triforce and a kindlegem, it did the rest of my health instantly. I was kinda sad about that, so I waited to respawn. While I was dead though, I looked in the shop and I couldn't find where all the stats these guys had were coming from. Would much appreciate help, sorry I am not that good at the game. When I respawned, I tried to kill the mundo, because he was just tanking the mid tower while he killed my jungler and support 2v1. The Ahri would have helped, but she used all her abilities and did nothing, so she had to back off since she had nothing left to defend herself. She didn't die though, cause she had 3 dashes and a charm to protect herself, and they all did significant amounts of damage in addition to their abundant utility. I wish I had a 2 second Charm on a 5 second cooldown before CDR on a champion who was able to itemize CDR as the most efficient build, and who literally is incapable of building any three remotely mage related items without getting at least 20% CDR. Now that I think about it, it probably would have been easier to live through the Jax who hit no skillshots, tanked everything to the face, ignored all damage form me with his E and then stunned me for 2 seconds, dealing more than half my life. So, when I got to the Mundo killing our inhib. I tried to kill him. He did a Q auto, to my blitz and forced him to back up. The whole time I was hitting him, he just kind of ignored me, and then walked away. I tried to catch him, and hit all my abilities and orb walked very good to stay with him, but then he suddenly had triple my movement speed, and disappeared of my screen, completely unthreatened or at any risk of dying despite having fully exhausted all of his tank stats protection, as he was afforded a lot of safety by simply being to fast for me to actaully interact with in any way whatsoever. I try to position so good, but don't know what to do. Maybe one day Riot can make a new tutorial that teaches me how to move so fast like Jax and Mundo. I was very sad about this because I think the gold you get from kills is how you get to have stats. I mean, surely 300 AD, 4.2k health, 370 MR, and 320 Armor isn't something you can get for free, right? My friends who are better at the game tell me stats come from gold, but I am not sure about that. I had 3 more kills, and 70 CS more than the Galio, but he had 300 AP, 350 Armor, and 3K health with 45% CDR, a Zhonyas, an extra dash that dealt damage, and a luudens proc which did a bunch of extra damage. Maybe if I keep playing I can figure it out. If anyone can help me figure out how I can be a good player like the Jax who was 1/7 down 40 CS in lane at 16 minute, who flashed into 3 people botlane and then proceeded to kill me and my blitzcrank with only a triforce and boots one, completely negating my opportunity to interact with him, by reducing the effective duration of the fight to around 3 seconds. I play Varus sometimes and when I do, i find that the longer a fight goes on, the more heavily the only stat efficient items reward me for fighting, especially since there aren't actually any stat efficient items for me to build that don't focus on this mechanic of progressively whittling down the enemy. I kinda felt like this exponentially increased the value of Jax's defensive stats that he got for free from levels, not from gold because he was losing lane to AP malphite. Obviously though, he is a much better player than me, because he can totally negate the period of time that I would be ramping up in value or efficiency, creating a circumstance where no amount of good positioning or movement on my part can be rewarded, because I am entirely dependent on using that time to ramp up in order to turn, but I never get a chance to because he totally removes that time window, and I can never actually threaten him in any meaningful way. I was very sad. Please send advice.
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