Patch 9.2 didn't address enough damage concerns, including Conqueror

You still die incredibly quickly, it only takes one or two "extended" trades for people to die, lethality hasn't been touched, turrets still give too much gold and accelerate the game. Conqueror still does true damage, why can't you just make it give adaptive force or something so we can actually build against it? Honestly, Riot should have a philosophy notes once every month or two months, because I cannot fathom why they refuse to change things like conqueror, or why they might want fights to only last 2 seconds. "Ignite's damage nerf should come as no surprise: it's been flooding summoner spell choices across multiple lanes." Then why has it taken till patch 9.2? Why not push it out in patch 9.1, or even 8.24b? Ignite was buffed in 8.6 and has only been growing in popularity since then, especially since worlds. It had its time in the sun, I don't know why they didn't touch it. I don't know, this game just isn't for me anymore.
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