I Just got the Invasion Event Ward / What I learned

https://i.imgur.com/jm4GIzI.png it looks pretty good and has very cute glowy effect on the star I went solo/duo mostly and I will share some of what I learned with you * Soraka+Jinx may as well be considered the core pieces of any random team, for several reasons * 9 times out of 10 There is always that one adc main that wants Jinx (Like I did), but I noticed a team with TWO ADCs, even if decently skilled, has its ups and downs * the ups: best tank melt (bye bye cho + skarner + reksai) * the downs: worst burst (hit and run kha is a way bigger threat than usual and simply cant insta burst the vel koz lasers) * A mage heavy team is the opposite of the above pretty much, so do NOT waste spells+time on those tanks unless its for cc * I say people should have Poppy or Janna for a 5th, they have great defensive utility ofc but most importantly they literally bail the team out of what should be the end by using their ults. * Ezreal can quickly take out vel koz who are spawning at the edge of the map due to his mobilty and ult dmg + passive speed stacking (he is actually better at this than ahri imo) * The monsters, as far as I could tell, are "champions" so botrk IS actually good since they have some whacky hp values. Whether or not they are champions that somehow take "minion" dmg is still something to be properly tested though, because it would mean botrk dmg is limited * Apparently MF with botrk and rageblade is a thing (someone did it in my game and carried and it literally inspired me to play some MF) * I was thinking of playing Lux with Ardent sensor if we had triple ADC but I never got to try it before finishing the mage quest, but its just a thought. * Lux can actually solo carry certain levels by literally walking endlessly in a circle around the edge of the map and slowing+damaging them with E (only certain levels, but like 7-8kogs 100% loses to lux even if shes alone) Also if team members died on the edges she can revive them when she gets to them, depending on how safe it is for her to stop (I saw this happen at least 3 times) * If poppy builds straight MR+HP she can body block a TON of vel koz projectiles, as long as there is a soraka to heal her up ofc (all hail the banana lady) * Everyone has spent around 10,000 gold by the time you get the boss * for ADC I would suggest going IE/botrk/shiv (rageblade with botrk could replace shiv on MF from what I've seen and last whisper didnt feel necessary) * btw it felt like Lux was the best mage pick, but i'm not sure so maybe a mage main can tell us what they think. A good Syndra hitting AOE stuns+knockbacks was strong too imo Good luck out there !! ;D (Why did they make this so hard though?)
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