If Riot does decide to take the CDR/Mana approach to Rylais Crystal Scepter....

Mordekaiser should be high priority in the VGU Queue. I had been thinking about Mordekaiser and the Rylais situation for a bit... _Which didn't have anything to do with MM pumping out threads faster than a Frenchie can pump out words_ Mordekaiser functions pretty well right now, so Riot can allow to keep him in this state for another while. Some champions might need a rework more than Mordekaiser does right now. But Rylais Crystal scepter is the only fucking reason he works! If I walk up to a guy, break his legs and give him some crutches... I'm not gonna break the fucking crutches aswell! Just my 10 cents. _Sails away from this thread._
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