@Riot When are all or any of the Game Modes coming back?

I'm talking mainly about URF, One for All, and All for One, Hexakill and that game mode where the enemy picked your champion. Not just for the Howling Abyss (ARAM), but for Summoners Rift as well. When was the last time these modes were active? I don't even know. Correct me if im wrong, but other MOBAS like Smite have a better Rotating Game Mode and it sticks around weekly whereas in League of Legends it's here for maybe a week or two, then disappears for longer than desired by players who enjoy them more than Normal/Rank Draft and ARAM. Nexus Blitz is...ok, but its no URF. Im sure there's an argument here that because new champions are released at a pace that makes certain champions way to overwhelming in URF, One for All and All for One, but why make games modes like that if they're hardly ever playable? For Example, You guys have in the past brought URF back but with balance adjustments and banned champions, but when are you going to just let the players enjoy it for what it is? Letting players ban champions before a match is fine and all, but players like myself will never get a chance to play if you guys dont show support for these game modes. There are a total of 137 Champions to choose from. With all these game modes is it really out of the question that they can come back on a frequent basis? I'll just continue to play ARAM till new or past game modes come back. Love this game, but there's just not a lot of options.
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